Create Support Videos For Help Scout

Answer your users' most common questions quickly and in a way that makes them feel good. Build a video knowledge base with WowTo videos and watch your retention rate increase.


What is WowTo integration with Help Scout ?

WowTo videos simplify your user experience by offering quick solutions to the most common questions asked, thus increasing your retention rate. Enrich your knowledge base with WowTo videos.

How-to video


How to share WowTo video on Help Scout

  • Go to your WowTo dashboard and open the project you want to export.
  • Click the 'Generate video button' and then the 'Download Mp4 button' to download your WowTo video.
  • Log in to Help Scout account and select the 'Docs' option from the top bar.
  • Create a new article or open an existing one.
  • In the top toolbar menu, select the Insert image or video option.
  • Choose 'insert file' from the dropdown list that will appear.
  • Select the video from your system you want to upload.
  • Your selected video is now uploaded to your Help Scout Support article.
  • Click on the publish button to save changes and deploy content.
  • Click on the video file link to view your WowTo Video.