Convert PPT to Video presentations

Create training videos by importing your existing powerpoint files with WowTo.


PPT to training videos

With WowTo, you can now convert your powerpoint presentations to narrated videos in just one click! Give your audience the convenience of listening to an engaging video instead of sliding through Powerpoint presentations.

Use cases

Create Video Training Material

Convert your traditional powerpoint training materials into engaging, fresh videos with voice over.

  • Multilingual Training videos
  • Powerpoint notes are automatically converted to AI voice over.
  • Perfect for corporate employee training.


Let AI talk in your next meeting

Convert your meeting presentation to a video with AI voice over to know the exact time taken for the presentation and put your meetings on auto-mode. Sit back and relax, while AI narrates your presentation. Save your energy only for Q&A!

Create effective learning videos

Powerpoints are commonly used in teaching environment both in schools, colleges and universities. Jot down those notes in the presentation to convert them into videos which your students can listen to anytime, anywhere and in any language.