Replace YouTube Channel for support with WowTo

Host your customer service videos and How-to videos on WowTo with a YouTube channel-like experience.

Why replace YouTube?

Cut down the distraction faced by your users and customers with the irrelevant ads and the auto-suggestions of your competitor videos by hosting them on your own customized video knowledge base.

Hosting your support videos, instructional videos, and How-to videos for your product on YouTube might be an easy option for customer support but not the most optimal one.

No Ads

Why waste your customer's precious time by making them watch an ad before they can watch the help video? Provide them with an ad-free premium experience by hosting a video knowledge base on your website.

No ads

No distractions

There is a high probability that your user/ customer gets distracted by YouTube's auto suggestions for the next video and the related video listing from your competitors. Show them only what they are looking for and directly related answers with your video knowledge base.

No distractions

No redirections

Don't redirect your customers from your website to answer their questions. Instead, retain them on your website by hosting your own video knowledge base with answers to all their questions.

Away from website

More Benefits